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CDs and DVDs

Video recordings of the festival EUROPA CANTAT XVIII in Turin are available on www.ectorino2012.it or on Youtube



- a documentation DVD is available for EUROPA CANTAT XVII in Utrecht 2009

  Costs: € 17,50, including porto.

- a seperate DVD with the Opening Ceremony and the Open Singing of EUROPA CANTAT XVII in Utrecht is also available


For both DVDs write to the EC General Secretariat mention clearly ‘DVD’, your name and complete post address.  You will receive an invoice by e-mail and the DVD will be sent by mail



- on LP records or CDs - from earlier EUROPA CANTAT festivals

- on documentation CDs with excerpts from different concerts - from several EUROPA CANTAT Festivals since 1991

- on CDs - from the European Youth Choir 1996 - 2000

- on individual CDs with recordings of complete concerts - from the festival EUROPA CANTAT XVII in Utrecht 2009


These recordings are available directly from Audio-Video-Aktuell and from the EUROPA CANTAT XVIII in Turin 2012. Contact: info(at)feniarco.it


For the other recordings please send a message to the General Secretariat

In addition we have CDs from the Sonngbooks Hodie Christus Natus Est, Laula Kultani and teh Lullabies of the World (see here)