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Staff Exchange Programme


Choral and conductor´s organisation can send an interested staff or Board/Youth Committee members to another organisation and/or hosts a staff or Board member from another organisation.

This programme offers participants the chance to spend some days learning from each other, sharing experiences, and getting an insight into a foreign (working) culture.

What are the benefits of a staff exchange?


SHARE&LEARN: The person you are sending or you will host will bring a lot of new ideas with them about project and office management that might help the further development of your own organisation.


REACH OUT: make known the work of your organisation to the host and in its city, region and country. Use the opportunity to present as many of your activities as possible.


JOIN FORCES: The host organisation might have a similar political agenda to yours. Why not create a joint action? Your host might have different contacts on the political and cultural level, which may be useful to you.


COOPERATE: You are developing a cooperation project and looking for partners? This is the perfect opportunity to get to seek partners for your activities. Are you organising an event with another choral organisation member of ECA-EC?

This might be the occasion to visit each other offices and work off-line for a week. Think also about inspiring events and activities that our members are organising, you could use this opportunity to observe the preparatory work or get involved during the event!


MOTIVATE: Travelling and getting an insight into other working structures is always a great personal experience. The person you send will come back with a lot of new inspiration.

Who can participate?

Staff, Board member or youth committee members of ECA-EC member organisations only

What costs are involved?

Travel up to 400€, accommodation and meals will be covered by ECA-EC for the whole stay.

How long is the exchange period?

The two parts can decide about the exchange period up to a week.

Do exchanges need to be reciprocal?

No. While the exchange may be reciprocal, you may also send without hosting or host without sending.



check the map below or the list of ECA-EC member organisations and let us know where you would like to go by writing to communication(at)europeanchoralassociation.org

If you do not know which organisation to choose, we can also help you with suggestions.



if you are available for hosting a staff or Board/Youth Committee member of another choral organisation please let us know by writing to communication(at)europeanchoralassociation.org


If you have any doubts or questions please call us (+49 288 91 256 63) or  send us an email (communication(at)europeanchoralassociation.org)





Manual for the Staff Exchange Programme

Are you going, hosting or sending people on a staff exchange?

This very efficient publication prepared by Trans Europe Halles will help you avoid some traps and might even raise the overall quality of the exchanges you are working on. Available also in PDF


The Staff Exchange Programme is organised in the frame of the Network Funding project “Upgrade – Connect – Reach out: Raising Awareness for Collective Singing in Europe”