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Hearts-in-Harmony is an international series of events under the patronage of the Europa Cantat at which disabled and non-disabled singers come together to sing.

Each Hearts-in-Harmony event has another focus and deals with different types of disabilities.

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Programme 2017:


30 May 2017 | Sremski Karlovci, Serbia (10 km from Novi Sad)

Inclusive concert at the city square “Come close to each other”


8 June 2017 | Novi Sad, Serbia

Concert of children with disabilities “Music unites us all” in the Synagogue of Novi Sad


9 June 2017 | Novi Sad, Serbia

Workshop: Education of the theme “Inclusion” for the working staff in Cultural institutions of Novi Sad


10 June 2017 | Kragujevac, Serbia (200 km south from Belgrade)

Concert at the main square of Kragujevac


6 October 2017 | Concert in Novi Sad, Serbia


14 October 2017 | Belgrade, Serbia

Concert “The sacred choral music” in front of the monumental Church of St. Sava


18 November 2017 | Novi Sad, Serbia

Concert Church Choir “Branko” from Nis, Children’s Choir “Branko” of Nis in the Synagogue of Novi Sad



Bogdan Djakovic