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Offers for Conductors in 2012

  • 9th International Summer Choir Academy onOrchestra Conducting for Choral Conductors
    and Choir Atelier for Singers Pomáz, Hungary  ->> further details
    Please note that András Farkas (HU/CH) will be replaced by Volker Hempfling (DE)

  • European Academy for Choral Conductors Graz, Austria -> further details - in the frame of the European Academy for Choral Conductors in Graz, Austria there will be a  Composition Competition  with details (part of VOICE) / Result of the composition competition >> here

  • Programme for conductors at the festival EUROPA CANTAT XVIII Turin, Italy   -> further details
    www.ectorino2012.it   (part of VOICE)
  • Other events for conductors 2012 recommended by us  -> further details