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Europa Cantat Junior 8

Lyon, France | 13-20/7/2017

Aim group: Children and youth choirs from 8 to 18 years old

Organisers: À Coeur Joie France in cooperation with ECA-EC




>> Dorien Verboven (BE) | Study tour participant


"Under the guidance of Carlo Pavese (IT) the participants could visit the ateliers, an ideal and very inspiring way to discover new forms of working with children and youngsters and to learn new repertoire. In the afternoon, the atelier leaders were invited to tell us about their experiences in the workshops. They also explained us their working methods with children. All together we discussed all kinds of issues, like integration of movements in singing, didactic tools for improvement of vocal techniques, choosing a repertoire, improvisation, etc…

A very fascinating week full of inspiration, enriching experiences, new visions, and a lot of friendship and singing fun!"



>> Youth Choir Cantamico, Grimbergen (BE)


The youth choir Cantamico from Grimbergen (BE) participated in the workshop “Ghosts, Witches and Vampires” conducted by Panda Van Proosdij and Hans Cassa. Both artists form an excellent team, each on their own field.


"According to her philosophy of supporting a good voice by creating a good physical awareness, the warming-up was an essential part of the workshop. It was a very nice to see how, day by day, and in a very short period, all pieces of the puzzle (movements, choreo, singing) came together to one final, overwhelming performance. Panda is top!

During the evening concerts we appreciated the singing by other choirs, and especially the concerts of the Flemish youth choirs singing together!


Europa Cantat Junior was an inspiring and unique experience for all of us. We arrived back home as one strong group and with a backpack full of experiences and memories. These feelings we will carry with us in our hearts, lifelong."


“We sweat a lot and we learned a lot. Everyone gave the best of his/herself and we were proud to show everything in the final concert” – Katrijn (17 y)

“The concerts were the max! It was really cool, with the make-up on our faces and hear! It was an unforgettable trip!” – Fien (10 y)

>> Youth Choir Koritsia/Gynaika, Sint-Niklaas (BE)

"Some of our girls attended the atelier with Sanna Valvanne. She paid much attention to warming-up exercises for body and voice. With all songs she prepared an appropriate choreography, sometimes with a lot of raging and shaking. But, always she succeeded to create plenty of enthusiasm among singers and companions. Other girls attended the atelier with Marleen De Boo. They brought a fine mix of songs with a stylish choreography.


With a brilliant final concert and a nice “after party” we closed this unforgettable week!"

>> Youth Choir Sjaloom, Waregem (BE)

"Our girls were divided in several ateliers. Panda Van Proosdij was really top, and the final performance was a fantastic apotheosis!  The atelier with Zimfira Poloz started a little bit chaotic due to a big difference in age of the singers. Moreover a lot of them had no scores. Zimfira could count on the enthusiasm of the older singers who helped the younger ones. The final concert was splendid!


Beside the ateliers our singers had a lot of other experiences: jamming, singing in the cathedral, attending nice concerts, singing their own concert and enjoying the warm applause, staying after the Open Singing to sing and dance with other groups, etc…Again, it was a unique experience. From all mouths, only one word: FANTASTIC!"