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EuroChoir 2013

in Pécs, Hungary


Pécs is a human sized, art-and-music loving town, where choral art holds an eminent position. The great Hungarian choral composers and musicians have all developed deep connections with Pécs: Kodály Zoltán, Bárdos Lajos and Orbán György were regular guests and contributed to turning the city into a musical centre.


The Eurochoir 2013 took place in the new iconic buildings of Pécs, which were fully renovated in 2010 when Pécs became the European Capital of Culture. Rehearsals took place in the breathtaking Zsolnay Cultural Quarter – an old porcelain factory turned into a centre of arts, and the final concert will be held in the concert hall of the new Kodály Centre, a building that was called “an architectural Stradivarius” by violinist Maxim Vengerov.


The musical program was provided by the Kodály and Balkan music specialist Tamás Lakner from Pécs and by the innovative, internationally acclaimed Italian conductor Alessandro Cadario.



“Thank you all for this wonderfull week in Pécs. It was the greatest singing experience I have ever had. I loved singing with you soooooooo much and also working with both conductors and this amazing choir.”

Philip from Austria


“Wonderful experience and memories engraved into my heart and my mind. Missing you.”  Sebastien from Belgium


“Thank you all for the amazing experience, all the fun, jokes, laughs. It has been so inspiring; an experience that, like Alessandro also said, for a bit changed my life. I will never forget it.” 

Ruben from The Netherlands