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The election 2018

For voters

The vote: who, when, how?

  • ECA-EC choir, individual and family members will vote remotely from 18 to 30 October 2018. They will receive a letter in June to register for the online vote.
  • ECA-EC member organisations will have to delegate representatives to the GA to vote in Turkey.

Only members from a European Country who have paid the 2018 membership fee will have the voting rights.


Proxies: Due to the change of statutes decided in 2017 which grants individual and family members as well as member choirs the right to remote voting, proxies will no longer be possible!

For candidates

What does it mean to be a Board member?

Candidates to the Board must be prepared to:

  • attend at least two or three Board meetings per year of 4 days each (including arrival and departure day), one of which is in connection with the annual General Assembly
  • to work between the meetings by e-mail, video-conferencing and other online communication tools and to represent ECA-EC at other events from time to time.
  • work in English

Candidates to the Board (and to the Music Commission) of ECA-EC should be aware that:

  • they will not be allowed to conduct at any of the “Activities of ECA-EC” for which the programme is (partly) decided by the ECA-EC Music Commission during their term of office, especially during the EUROPA CANTAT festivals and at the European Academy for Young Conductors (conducting at “Activities in partnership with ECA-EC” is possible).
  • they will not be able to get fees for any work done for or during one of these activities (exceptions to be approved by the Executive Board).


Who can be a Board candidate?

Any member of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat [individual or family member, representative of a member choir or organisation] in good standing for the current and past membership years can be a candidate to the Board or can be nominated by others. 

Candidates are elected for a mandate of 3 years [November 2018 to autumn 2021] which is renewable twice (maximum duration on the Board = 9 years).


How to apply?

Download the document for candidates: Click here


Submissions should include:

  • motivation letter for being a candidate (including a possible field of focus while on the Board)
  • a personal biography
  • a photo and the candidate’s answers to questions (see document for candidates or from info(at)eca-ec.org
  • presentation video [max 2 minutes, please provide a link to YouTube or vimeo]

Important: Since the General Assembly 2017 decided that individual and family members as well as member choirs will be able to participate in the elections through remote voting there will be an online campaign which will run from October 1st to 31st 2018. 


Deadline for submissions: 15 September 2018

All candidatures (including those of present Board members) must reach the General Secretariat in written form as soon as possible.

Late candidatures will not be accepted since the membership must have the possibility to review candidatures in advance.


How to plan your travel to Cappadocia?

Candidates to the Board must plan to stay in Cappadocia until Sunday, November 18th afternoon since the new Board will have its first meeting on November 18th from 9.30 – 12.30, during which they will also elect the new Executive Board (President, 2-3 Vice-Presidents, treasurer)


If elected:

Once a candidate has been elected, the travel expenses to the meetings and food and hotel accommodation during the meetings will be covered by the European Choral Association Europa Cantat, if the budget allows; economic difficulties should not prevent anyone from presenting their candidature!



Agenda of the General Assembly (for members)

Saturday, 17/11/2018, 9.30 – 13:00

0.   Opening
1.   Approval of the agenda
2.   Minutes General Assembly 2017
3.   Report of the President
4.   Activities’ reports 2018, including report from the Membership Day
4.1 Music Commission
4.2 Regional Centres
4.3 Year 1 of the project “Upgrade – Connect – Reach Out” including training offers for members and new communication tools
4.4 Looking back – the Festival EUROPA CANTAT XX Tallinn 2018 and other activities in 2018
5.   Report of the Treasurer: Finances 2017 - 2018, Preliminary Budget for 2019
6.   Discharge of the Board of Directors
7.   Welcome to new members
8.   Proposal for new membership fees for the period 2019 - 2021
9.   “Friends of Choral Music in Europe”
10. A look into the future: Activities 2019 – 2021,
10.1 year 2 of the project  “Upgrade – Connect – Reach Out”
10.2 other activities in 2019
10.3 EC junior 2020 / EC Festival 2021 and other major events ahead
11. Presentation by the Youth Committee
12. Invitation to General Assembly 2019 in Ljubljana, Slovenia
13. Elections
13.1 Explanation of election procedure for Board elections
13.2 Live presentation of candidates
13.3 Board elections
13.4 Election of two financial auditors
13.5 (at the end of the afternoon): Announcement of results
(The Executive Board will be elected on November 18th in the morning, results will be disseminated by mail and Social Media)
14. Miscellaneous

Subject to changes