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European Award for Choral Composers

The European Award for Choral Composers is the continuation of the “Golden Tuning Fork” Award, organised by AGEC over many years, and was first organised by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat in 2011/2012.

The aim of the award is to discover unknown or less known choral works from different European countries, already published and/or performed or written for the occasion, that are good and interesting and can be performed by a good average choir, not just by a top-level choir.

Winners of the 2017/18 Edition

On September 20th 2017 the Jury of the European Award for Choral Composers, comprised of Jonathan Rathbone (UK, chair), Ivo Antonigni (CH), Ágnes Erdélyi (HU), Cecilia Martin-Löf (SE), Raul Talmar (EE) with the advice of Jan Schumacher (DE), chair of the Music Commission of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, chose the winning compositions of the 2017/8 edition.


For the 3rd edition 2017/18 member organisations of ECA-EC were again invited to submit compositions for the following categories: 1. a cappella choir, 2. choir and instruments, with a maximum of 3 works per category to be submitted by one organisation.


51 compositions from 41 composers were submitted to the competition by 17 member organisations in 16 European countries, a clear increase in comparison with the previous edition. 38 compositions were submitted in category 1, 13 in category 2.


In category 1 (a cappella) the jury decided to share the prize among two winning composition:

  • “Cantate Domino” (2012) for male choir, composed by Balatoni Sándor (HU *1983)
  • “Mesedoboz” (2015) for female choir, composed by Peter Tóth (HU * 1965)


In category 2 (with instruments) the Jury chose one winning composition:

  • “Jubilate Deo” (2012) for female choir, 2 violins and small percussion instruments, composed by Gyöngyösi Levente (HU * 1975)


All three compositions were submitted by the Hungarian Association for Choirs and Orchestras (KÓTA), the jury received anonymous scores and was not aware of the nationalities of the scores with Latin text.


The winning composition were awarded 300 EUR each and will be performed at the festival EUROPA CANTAT XX in Tallinn, Estonia, between July 27th and August 5th 2018 by one of the guest as part of a special evening concert.


The next edition of the European Award for Choral Composers will be organised in 2020, with the winning compositions being performed in the Festival EUROPA CANTAT XXI in 2021.


The full conditions of the competition can be found >> here

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