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Youth Choirs in Movement 2019

International Children's and Youth Choir Festival Bonn 4th edition
June 26th to 30th 2019

In cooperation with Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend (AMJ) and a number of institutions and choirs in Bonn and the surrounding region

  • Meeting of children's and youth choirs from Bonn and the surrounding region, with guest choirs from other parts of Germany, Europe and the world

  • Bilateral choir partnerships with accommodation of guest choirs in private families of local choirs (optional, guest choirs can also book accommodation)

  • 8 workshops (Ateliers) for different age groups and levels of difficulty with renowned conductors from Germany and other countries:  2 for mixed youth choirs, 2 for
    equal voice youth choirs, 2 for children choirs, 1 for boys choirs and one on “choral theatre” for children and youth choirs. All ateliers deal with the issue of singing and movement with 3 morning rehearsals to prepare the final concert. They are conducted by renowned conductors which include: Alessandro Cadario (IT), Ken Wakia (Kenia), Friederike Stahmer (DE), Silvère van Lieshout (NL), Irina Brochin & Karina Schwarz (RUS/DE), Hans Joachim Lustig (DE), Basilio Astulez (ES)
    See detailed overview on Ateliers -> here
  • About 10 concerts: Opening Concert, concert with all participating choirs, final concerts with results of the workshops, choir-to-choir concerts in different places in Bonn and the surrounding region

  • Open Singing with all singers and the audience

  • Open-Air performances in the city centre of Bonn        
  • Possibilities for conductors to attend rehearsals as learning opportunity

  • For conductors: Workshop on "stage presence" / Presentation of the project Sing Me In with handbooks for the use of collective singing as a tool for the integration process of young migrants (www.SingMeIn.eu)


Deadline for applications: 15/1/2019
Contact for questions and applications: info(at)EuropeanChoralAssociation.org



Previous editions:

Youth Choirs in Movement


Bonn, Germany | 7 - 9/7/2017

Youth Choirs in Movement is an international children and youth choir festival which will take place in Bonn from the 7th to 9th of July 2017 for the fourth time. Young choirs meet in workshops and shared concerts and thus get to know each other through making music together. On Friday, there will be a choir-to-choir concert in the Emmauskirche in Heisterbacherrott as well as in the Otto-Kühne-Schule, on Saturday evening the big closing concert with all choirs will take place in the Bertoltd-Brecht-Gesamtschule in Tannenbusch.


This year the festival is held within the framework of a German-Russian choral exchange: the junior singers of the Schedrik choir under the direction of Pavel and Irina Brochin will host the Russian children's choir Svetlyachok from Moscow. The children and youth choir of the Opera of Bonn, led by Ekaterina Klewitz, from Moscow as well, will organize a shared workshop with the choir of the Ursulinenschule Hersel under the direction of Isabel Plate. They will host the vocal ensemble Nishni Nowgorod Boys Choir's Band.


One of the major underlying themes of the festival is the idea that choral music doesn't have to be stiff – but that movement and choreography play an essential part in modern choral work. This is mirrored in the thematic focus of the workshops: Pavel and Irina Brochin will stage a performance of folk songs from all over the world and incorporate choreography accordingly, whereas the workshop of Ekaterina Klewitz and Isabel Plate will show parts of a musical theatre version of Schubert's „Winterreise“ as well as a mix of contemporary pop songs.


For further information visit the Facebook page of the festival or contact Marlene Maier: ycim(at)europeanchoralassociation.org


First pictures can be found in a Picasa album >> here, further pictures will be uploaded during the coming weeks.

A first Press Review with articles which were published in the Generalanzeiger Bonn during and after the festival can be found  >> here.  

Press Release on first performance of "The Mock Turtle's Song" at the festival >> here

Postcard with concert programme >> here
Poster with concerts >> here
Detailed programme booklet >> here


First information in the flyer >> here

For updates and sharing see the Facebook page >>here

The press release announcing the winner of the composition competition can be read >>here


Youth Choirs in Movement 3 2013 is part of the multiannual EU-funded project

VOICE – Vision on Innovation for Choral Music in Europe - see >> here.

2008 and 2010:

For information on previous editions 2008 and 2010 see >> here.

Download excerpts from the scores for the different ateliers >> here

Please note, these are incomplete scores in a password-protected .rar-file, since they should only serve, at the moment, to show the conductors of the participating choirs the level they can expect at the different ateliers. They can then indicate to the organisers or the Atelier conductors whether their choir would be able to perform all the works or whether some of the works might be too difficult for them.