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Choir Video Award, our General Assembly 2012 and much more.
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Avec ce message nous vous envoyons des informations concernant nos vacances,
le Festival EUROPA CANTAT, le European Choir Video Award, notre Assemblée
Générale 2012 etc.
In diesem Newsletter informieren wir Sie über unsere Ferien, das EUROPA CANTAT
Festival, den European Choir Video Award, unsere Generalversammlung 2012
und vieles mehr.

01 Office closed for holidays
02 From Torino to Pécs - Festival EUROPA CANTAT
03 European Choir Video Award
04 VOICE - Composition Competition
05 General Assembly 2012 and Workshop Programme
06 Publications Online

Office closed for holidays

Our office will remain closed for holidays from August 11th to September 3rd 2012.
Notre bureau restera fermé pour les vacances du 11 août au 3 septembre 2012.
Unser Büro bleibt vom 11. August bis 3. September 2012 geschlossen.

From Torino to Pécs - Festival EUROPA CANTAT

Torino was the capital of choral singing for 10 days - now we look ahead to Pécs.
The City of Torino was "dressed in magenta" and ready TO welcome over 4.000 participants, almost 900 guest artists including soloists and orchestra musicians and almost 200 guests. Adding around 350 local volunteers, the participants of the Youth Event Management Programme and other staff members, around 5.500 people connected to the festival filled the streets, the squares, the churches and the halls of Torino. There were well over 100 concerts and major musical events, presenting the musical results of over 40 ateliers, the repertoire of participating choirs and guest performances. In addition there were over 40 one-day discovery ateliers and numerous lectures and presentations for conductors and composers. You will find more statistics and details in our final Press Release >> here. If you missed the festival, or if you were there but did not manage to visit all the concerts you wanted to see, you can watch pictures and films here: en.ectorino2012.it/multimedia / For pictures on Facebook: Festival europa Cantat XVIII Torino 2012 / twitter: @ectorino2012 / youtube: ectorino2012
On August 4th 2012 the flag of the festival was handed over to Mr. Zsolt Páva, Mayor of Pécs, city which will host the next EUROPA CANTAT Festival in 2015.

Le festival de Turin c'est terminé après 10 jours. 5.500 personnes ont remplit les rues et les places, les salles et les églises, il y avait plus de 100 concerts, plus de 40 ateliers longs et 40 ateliers d'une matinée ainsi qu'un programme pour chefs de choeur et compositeurs. Pour voir des photos es des films, consultez la page multimedia du site et Facebook (voir texte anglais). Le 4 août le drapeau a été passé à la ville de Pécs qui organisera le prochain festival en 2015.

10 Tage lange haben 5.500 Chorbegeisterte die Straßen, Plätze, Kirchen und Säle von Turin gefüllt. Es gab über 100 Konzerte, mehr als 40 lange Ateliers und 40 Eintages-Ateliers sowie ein umfangreiches Programm für Chorleiter/innen und Komponist/innen. Um Bilder oder Filme zu sehen, gehen Sie auf die Multimedia-Seite der Website oder auf Facebook (siehe englischen Text). Am 4. August wurde die Fahne an die Stadt Pécs übergeben, die 2015 das nächste Festival ausrichten wird.


European Choir Video Award

And the winner is…
The results from the European Choir Video Award were announced last night in Piazza San Carlo on the main stage on Piazza San Carlo at the festival EUROPA CANTAT Torino 2012 on August 2nd in the evening. After much deliberation over 24 choirs and vocal groups, the video award jury selected the top videos: Third place: Youth Choir Rondinella, a children’s choir from Belgium, singing Vox Tronica-T. Stokes, 2nd place: Sangforening, a female student choir from Oslo, Norway which performed Folkefrelsar. And finally, the winners of the award, receiving 1,000 EUR prize money, are: Delta Q from Berlin, Germany. They are an acappella vocal group, formed as a group only this year, in January, but have already won several competitions in Germany. Their cover of Adele’s song Rolling in the Deep blew the jury away with its creativity, uniqueness and technical ability. Congratulations to Delta Q, the first winners of the European Choir Video Award! More about Delta Q on Facebook >> here. / You can find all submitted videos  >> here.

A Turin nous avons annoncé le résultat du prix de vidéo "European Choir Video Award" et nous avons montré les 3 meilleurs films. Le film gagnant qui a reçu un prix de 1.000 EUR est du groupe "Delta Q" de Berin - voir liens dans le texte anglais.

In Turin haben wir das Ergebnis des Video-Wettbewerbs "European Choir Video Award" verkündet und die 3 besten Filme gezeigt. Das VIdeo, das den Preis von 1.000 EUR gewonnen hat ist von der Gruppe "Delta Q" aus Berlin - siehe Links im englischen Text.


VOICE - Composition Competition

The multiannual cooperation project VOICE Vision OInnovation for Choral music in Europe”, supported by the European Union under its Culture Programme, started on June 1st 2012.The first event of VOICE, the EuroChoir session 2012 in Lomnice nad Popelkou, Czech Republic, ended on July 15th 2012 (see www.eurochoir2012.cz). The next event was the festival EUROPA CANTAT XVIII in Turin, Italy, July 27th to August 5th 2012 (www.ectorino2012.it  - see above), where all partners came together for a steering committee meeting on August 1st 2012. Further events will follow in September and October 2012 and in 2013 - see full calendar of events >> here. The Austrian partner Chorverband Österreich has presented the results of the composition competition for the European Academy for conductors in Graz in September 2012. You will find a detaild description of VOICE, the list of our project partners, the aims of the project and the lists of activities >> here or in the new flyer >> here

Les premières activités du projet VOICE se sont déroulées en juillet en République Tchèque (Eurochoir) et en Italie (Festival EUROPA CANTAT Torino, voir plus haut). Le project continuera avec l'Académie des Chefs de Choeur à Graz en septembre, pour laquelle les résultats du prix de composition ont été publiés (voir lien dans le texte anglais).

Die ersten Aktivitäten des Projekts VOICE haben im Juli in der Tschechischen Republik (Eurochoir) und in Italien (EUROPA CANTAT Festival Torino, siehe oben) statt gefunden.Die nächste Veranstaltung ist die Akademie für Chorleiter/innen in Graz, für die das Ergebnis des Kompositions-Wettbewerbs veröffentlicht wurde (siehe Link im englischen Text).


General Assembly 2012 and Workshop Programme

Dear members and friends of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat,
It is with pleasure that we invite you to this year’s General Assembly (with elections) of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat on Saturday, November 17th 2012 in Toulouse, France. At this General Assembly we will elect the members of the Board for the coming three years. Since we think that a General Assembly is a good occasion to discuss “hot topics” and invite experts who can enlighten us on specific issues, our Board in cooperation with our French partners has decided to off er a session with project presentations on Friday late afternoon and a programme of workshops on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, focusing on the “Colours of (Young) European Voices”. Non-members are also welcome to participate in these workshops. You will find more information on these workshops as well as detailed schedule in the official invitation >> here (in French >> here / in German >> here). To apply for participation please use our application form >> here.

Nous vous invitons à l'assemblée générale de la European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (avec élections) le 17 novembre 2012 à Toulouse. Nous offrirons en plus des présentations et des séminaires autour de sujets actuels de la choralité qui sont aussi ouverts aux non-membres. Vous trouverez le programme exacte en français >> ici et le formulaire d'inscription trilingue >> ici.

Wir laden herzlich zur Generalversammlung der European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (mit Wahlen) am 17. November 2012 in Toulouse ein. Zusätzlich bieten wir Workshops zu aktuellen Themen der Chormusik an, die auch für Nicht-Mitglieder offen sind. Das genaue deutsche Programm finden Sie >> hier, das dreisprachige Anmeldeformular >> hier


Publications Online

We have published the information on our 2013 activities on the website. More under "events 2013" or >> here. Also Issue 2/2012 of our ECmagazine is online. As usual our summer issue is available for free for everybody >> here.

Vous trouverez la brochure d'activités et des documents individuels sur les activités de notre programme 2013 ainsi que le numéro 2/2012 de notre magazine sur notre site (voir liens dans le text anglais).

Sie finden unseren Aktivitätenprospekt sowie Einzeldatein zu unseren Aktivitäten im Jahresprogramm 2013 und auch die Ausgabe 2/2012 unseres Magazins jetzt online auf unserer Website (siehe Links im englischen Text)


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