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Special grant for organizations from Central-Eastern Europe


In order to increase the involvement of member organisations of ECA-EC in Central-Eastern Europe in the activities of the association, we have the opportunity, in the frame of our network project, to offer grants for up to 5 representatives of 5 different member organisations, to cover or contribute to travel expenses and participation fees.


General Assembly and conference "Sing Outside the Box"

in Tallinn, Estonia


Thomas Louziotis | Hellenic Choirs Association | Greece


"During these days we received important information from the other European colleagues about their activities and their future programs, we had the chance to express our opinion on the discussions we had within the framework of the Membership Day, we had the chance to vote for the change of two articles of ECA-EC and also to develop further relationships with the representatives of the participating members, coming closer and discussing possibilities for future collaboration with our Association."

Jānis Ozols | Latvian Song Celebrations Society (LSCS) | Latvia

"This was my first conference ever in my life and as one of the leaders of Latvian Song Celebrations Society (LSCS) I was very impressed about how and what happened. The topics where actual, the way how to try to find the fine things to do in the future is correct, discussions and meetings where meaningful. Transparency of ECA-EC organization is admirable. So, I am more than sure, that we will have fruitful cooperation."

Tamara PetijevicSerbian Choral Association | Serbia

"I was invited to take part in the conference and I am therefore very thankful for this opportunity, on behalf of the whole Serbian Choral Association - a new member of the European Choral Association-Europa Cantat.

Meeting so many old friends in Tallinn was a happy and emotional moment; there are people that I meet only at EUROPA CANTAT festivals and meetings, but we feel that our connections, made through ECA-EC events, are strong enough to endure for years and bring good results. I also met some new people there: choral conductors, choral managers, festival producers etc... which would enable the realization of some creative new ideas and plans in the future." >> read more

Anna Tarnowska | Polish Association of Choirs and Orchestras - PZCHiO | Poland

"It was a fantastic time! Three days in Tallinn – Estonian capital and the European choral capital in the next year where I met so many „old” friends from different part of the music and choral word.

Official sessions and project presentations were as important as unformal meetings where we discussed during common coffee breaks and drunk wine together.

I managed also to find a little time to visit the city old centre with the impressive Alexander Nevski Orthodox Cathedral." >> Read more