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The "Internationale des Organisations culturelles ouvrières" (IDOCO) was an international platform for national cultural organisations which profess to democratic and social principles. It is the lega successor of the IDAS (Internationale der Arbeiter-Sänger) which was founded in Hamburg (Germany) in 1926 and was renamed IDOCO in Strasbourg in Strasbourg (France) in 1946.

It's aims and actions were based on the awareness that music as the most immediate art from has a major position in the cultural field of peoples and that free-time activities with music are an essential part of human life.


Tasks and Aims

Founded in October 1946, around ine and a half years after World War II. IDOCO chose to foster performances of choral and instrumental literature of all styles and times, especially of contemporary music, dealing with the subjects Peace - Enviroment - Working World and to promote new compositions and musical efforts in this sense.


Since 1973 IDOCO regularly organised (first every two years, later every three years) international choir and music festivals, last May 13th to 16th 2010 in Goslar, Germany.

The following choir and music festivals were organised:
1973: Salzburg (Austria)

1975: Arnheim (The Netherlands)

1977: Malmö (Sweden)

1979: Moers (Federal Republic of Germany)

1981: Horgen (Switzerland)

1983: Odense (Denmark)

1985: Linz (Austria)

1989: Dortmund (Federal Republic of Germany)

1991: Eskilstuna (Sweden)

1993: Skien (Norway)

1995: Bern (Switzerland)

1998: Vaasa (Finland)

2000: Ålborg (Denmark)

2003: Linz (Austria)

2006: Lublin (Poland)

2007: Vaasa (Finland)

2010: Goslar (Germany)


IDAS Presidents:

Adolf Wondrejz (Czechoslovakia) 1926-1938

Anton Krielage (The Netherlands) 1938-1946

1940-1946 no activity of IDAS


IDOCO Presidents:

Anton Krielage (The Netherlands) 1946-1957

Sam Kops (The Netherlands) 1957-1963

Heinrich Nöll (Germany) 1963-1969

Fritz Heimsch (Germany) 1969-1983

Karl Bircher (Switzerland) 1983-1987

Ferdinand Langer (Austria)1987-1999

Fritz Hinterdorfer (Austria) 1999-2011

Wolfgang Schröfel (Germany) 2011-2013


Members Until 2013

Germany- Deutscher Chorverband e.V.

Austria- Österreichischer Arbeiter-Sängerbund

Northern Europe - NASOM - Nordiska Arbetarsangar- och Musikerförbundet

with the following members in the Bordic countries:

Denmark - Dansk Arbejder Sanger ok Musikerforbundt

Finland - Suomen Työväen Musiikkiliitto (STM) ry

Norway - Norsk Arbetarsangarförbundet


Associate Members:

Poland - Polski Zwiazek Chórów I Orkiestr


In addition earlier membership includes working choir associations from the following countries:

- Belgium

- France

- Great Britain

- The Netherlands

- Czechoslovakia (later Czech Republic/ Slovakia)

- Hungary